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The Secret Enemies of Your Success

By Rick Siderfin

· Culture,Effectiveness

Today I must tell you about the secret enemies of your success. Listen very carefully, for it has to do with your progress - or lack of it.

You see, these enemies don't look at all like enemies at first glance. For a start, they are not dark, loathsome, menacing creatures that lurk in the distance, waiting for a chance to sneak up and deliver a crippling blow.

They are closer by than that. Much closer.

That's right. The secret enemies of your success are to be found amongst your friends and close associates.

These are the persons who tell you that your dreams are too optimistic. Who point out the many thousands that have failed, trying to do exactly what you are doing.

These persons will suck every last vestige of hope and dream of success from your body, if you let them.

Did you ever hear the story of The Crabs and The Bucket? No? Draw up a chair, then, and settle down - because this is a story you won't ever forget.

Once upon a time, a young man was watching a fisherman expertly pull crabs from the sea. As he caught each one, he would reel it in, still alive and struggling, and place it in a large bucket on the shore.

After a while there were several live crabs crawling round and round inside the bucket.

One was more determined to escape than the others. He climbed over them and on top of them, and finally managed to get himself up, close to the lip of the bucket. Escape was a mere scrabble of the claws away.

The young man alerted the fisherman to the imminent escape of his crustacean. However, the fisherman did nothing, but told the young man to watch what happened next.

As the crab inched higher and higher, closer to freedom, a remarkable thing happened. His compatriots in the bucket reached up and pulled him back down.

That's right - they denied him the chance of freedom and escape.

This behaviour is sadly not limited to the animal kingdom. If you start to be successful, to really reach out and up, to do the work necessary to identify your true purpose, and to move determinedly towards it, you too will sooner or later feel a tug from behind.

It will be a well-meaning friend, concerned that you might overstep the mark, that you might just make an idiot of yourself.

Yet deep down, he (or she) is really afraid that you might make it to freedom. To your own definition of success, whatever success means for you.

Don't get mad. Don't cut your friends off completely. It's only human nature for them to do this. If anything, you should feel sorry for them. But shut your ears to their warnings and their dire predictions of failure.

Most of all, tell them very little about what it is you are doing to break into a higher level of success in your life.

Your success is too precious, much too valuable, to be cast before swine - or any audience that is not fully understanding of and supportive of your goals. Keep your plans close to your chest and share them rarely and carefully, and only with persons that you really know will be able to understand them and support you in them.

That is the way to protect yourself from the hidden enemies of your success. And keep moving forwards. Keep pushing onwards and upwards. It's a lonely climb, at times.

But the view from the top is going to be worth it!

Happy Climbing.

The Story of the Crab and the Bucket is attributed to Craig Ballantyne from - thanks Craig!

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